IHC: Individual 101 – A 6-Part Series to Help Maximize Your Individual Sales

Individuals and families you serve don’t fit neatly into categories. That is why the IHC Group offers highly customizable plan options for both the short- and long-term that keep in mind healthcare needs as well as financial goals.

Over the next five weeks, we will be discussing the individual products available through The IHC Group and how to maximize their sales potential. From cross-selling to lifetime value, we’ll teach you how to utilize our product portfolio with ease.

For now, get acquainted with our individual products:

Coming soon! Here’s what else this series will cover:

#2 – Technological capabilities: Make sales quicker, easier
#3 – Product focus: Who needs STM? And what else can help?
#4 – Product focus: Why CAP? And what can you pair it with?
#5 – Cross-sales convo: Putting it all together to customize client benefits
#6 – Lifetime value: Matches that help maximize benefits and commissions

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