It’s time to meet ROY

Now that AEP and Open Enrollment have come to close, we find ourselves entering ROY, otherwise known as “Rest of Year.”

This is the perfect time to learn new products and discuss ancillary sales with your clients.  If you want to sell more Life, Long Term Care, Dental, Indemnity, Group or Medicare, we have the knowledge, tools and people to make that happen.

At LeClair Group, we are constantly growing our support for your business to maximize your talents, productivity, resources and sales.  As a full-service brokerage, not only do we have the products your clients are looking for, our team is here to train, coach, support and deepen our relationship with you.

Our Advisor Advantage website includes quoting and illustration tools for Life insurance, Medicare, Long Term Care and Health insurance.  Having our tools open in your browser and our sales desk team on speed dial is a great way to grow your business.

Our brokerage team will be reaching out over the coming months to discuss your interests, objectives, needs and to simply get to know you better.  We are looking forward to discussing sales strategies, sharing fresh ideas and ensuring you know who to call for the support you need. If you have any training or product ideas our team wants to know!

We are very aware of how quickly Health and Life insurance markets change and our team aims to stay on top of developments across the country.  By working with us, we provide perspective and ideas on how change provides opportunities for your business.

New products, changing regulations, new carriers, consolidation and mergers – it’s a lot to stay on top of!  Engage with our newsletters, webinars, our Advisor Advantage Roadshows, our Health-A-Palooza agent conference and one-to-one trainings.

We believe in 2018 we are ‘Better Together.”

All the very best wishes for 2018



Richard Lett,MVO
Chief Executive Officer
LeClair Group