GeoBlue: Help Protect Your Clients’ Health Abroad

With summer on the horizon, many of your clients may be planning a family vacation or embarking on a missionary trip abroad. Maybe they have even asked for your recommendations for things to see and do during your routine conversations with them? One conversation you should be having is whether or not they have considered Travel Medical insurance for their trip.

Given recent epidemics, natural disasters and security threats around the world, combined with routine medical issues, travelers have more reason than ever to ensure their health and safety are fully insured prior to embarking on their trips.

By adding Travel Medical insurance from GeoBlue to your product portfolio, you can offer your clients peace of mind in health coverage no matter where their travels take them.

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GeoBlue provides peace of mind to world travelers and expats living abroad anywhere in the world via an elite network of providers, innovative mobile and online tools, and exceptional customer service. With networks in 190 countries, 24-hour concierge, repatriation, direct payments and is backed by the Blue Cross network, GeoBlue is a great addition and should be in your portfolio if you are already selling health insurance.

By purchasing Travel Medical Insurance, your clients can take advantage of benefits that will cover everything from hospitalizations, to surgeries and medically necessary evacuations, as well as more basic services like physician office visits, ambulance services, and prescription medication.

You can learn more about GeoBlue and their plans by watching our Round Out Your Healthcare Abroad – Make Your Own Shot and GeoBlue International Travel Insurance webinars on our advisor webinar channel.

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Now is the time to get appointed with GeoBlue, so that you can help your clients stay happy and healthy abroad.

You will have the support of LeClair Group to ensure your business gets the backing needed to deliver high-quality service to your clients. Together, we can provide even stronger solutions for your clients, and help you grow your business.

To get appointed with GeoBlue please contact LeClair Group licensing department at 651.739.2010, email or become appointed online.

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