Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota: Information regarding new Agent/Agency Code Changes

Beginning in 2016, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and Blue Plus (Blue Cross) began implementation of a new distribution model for its agents and agencies. During this implementation, we updated our agency and agent contracts to align with the distribution model.

With the contracting process completed, Blue Cross is now beginning the second phase of the implementation; migration to the new agent/agency management and service fees payment system. As part of this migration, your existing agency and agent codes will be updated as follows:

  • All 2-4-digit agency codes will be updated to new 10-digit agency codes
  • All 4-digit agent codes will be changed to 10-digit agent codes

Important Information
The migration will begin the week of June 4 and will continue through the end of June. You will receive an email from once your agency and agent codes are updated. The email from Agency Relations will contain your new codes, as well as detailed instructions for testing functionality of your Blue Cross systems.

  • Your Producer Portal log-in (user name and password), which was updated on May 18, 2018, will remain unchanged.
  • Your new agency and agent codes will pre-populate on the Producer Portal as it does today for quoting, shopping and enrollments for all lines of business, except for the regional Medicare PDP plan, MedicareBlue Rx.
  • For MedicareBlue Rx, please continue to use your existing (legacy) agency code and agent number until the next phase of the migration process. You will receive an additional communication regarding this part of the migration, when it goes into effect (late summer 2018).
  • Your monthly Service Fee statements will display your existing (legacy) agency and agent codes until the migration is completed later this year.

Blue Cross will continue to send you updates as we continue through the migration process. If you have questions about the agency and agent code change or experience any difficulty logging into the Producer Portal or any system functions, please contact Agency Services at (651) 662-5240 or toll free 1-800-262-0821