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We’re very excited to announce the addition of our first eCommerce site, where you’ll find customizable marketing materials and many other documents to download, print and use to grow and support your business. First, you must have access to My Advantage Portal, where you will have access to all our quoting tools, training, marketing and carrier updates.

Over the coming weeks we will add many more Medicare, Group, Individual, LTC and Ancillary marketing materials, and will be adding Census, Discovery, Scope of Appointment, Suitability and many more highly useful forms.

Complete your registration and bring a whole suite of state-of-the-art tools and services to your agency.
Attached below are sample client letters regarding the Cost Plan transition – pls feel free to add, alter or correct as you wish.

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Medicare for Minnesotans

This pamphlet contains an overview of the Cost Plan transition in Minnesota and details options for your clients and prospects in 2019.  This high quality resource is designed to educate your clients and community.  We recommend you send a copy with a letter (see below for letters) to every one of your existing clients and circulate copies throughout your community to gain many new clients this fall.

The pamphlet and shipping is free – all costs are for printing only and you will see substantial discounts for bulk orders.

You can add your company logo and contact details online before the order is sent direct to the printer.  Just be sure to have your logo available when you’re ready to order your Medicare pamphlets so you can upload this directly onto the form for printing.
The Medicare pamphlet is not downloadable and only available for print orders.

The Medicare for Minnesotans PowerPoint seminar will be available as a free download within a week.

Preview the pamphlet on My Advantage Portal.

The pamphlet may be sent with letter #1 or letter #2 in the series.  Letter #2 will include an invitation to your clients and community to attend a seminar.  We strongly urge you to book venues in June, July & August and inviting your clients to a seminar to lead them through the Cost Plan transition.
Retaining and growing your business has never been more important.

Medicare Letters

We have developed 3 letters  (in series 1) for your clients.  They are designed for clients with a Cost Plan, with a Supplement or Advantage Plan, or with a PDP.  The intention of the letters is for you to lead your clients through the Medicare Cost Plan transition, providing facts and reassurance that you have their health insurance needs covered.

There will be significant marketing to all your clients over the summer that may lead to confusion and anxiety if you are not in direct and regular communication.

The letters attached are free for a direct download and may be saved and edited to suit your purposes.  Our aim was to keep the content to one page and follow up with a series of letters leading up to this year’s annual  enrollment period.

Attached our the first letters in the series and we will provide a new letters over the coming weeks for you to download.

Letter 1 (Clients with a Cost Plan)
Letter 2 (Clients with MA or a Supplement)
Letter 3 (Clients with a PDP)

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