Mutual of Omaha: Help Your Clients Plan for Health Care Risks in Retirement

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Over the years, your clients have likely spent time planning for their future. They’ve saved, they’ve taken care of themselves and they’re ready to enjoy the result of all that planning – a comfortable retirement.

Have your clients considered what would happen to their plans should they become chronically ill? Costs of care, treatments and medication are expensive. Medicare and Medicare supplement insurance typically don’t pay for all of the care because many times people choose custodial care provided by nonmedical individuals.

A Potential Strategy:

Here’s a solution your clients may want to consider: In addition to other retirement savings plans, your clients purchase an Income Advantage Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance policy. This policy easily conforms to shifting goals – a death benefit during early years and a potentially increasing cash value that can be accessed in the future once the death benefit need isn’t as important.

Income Advantage IUL also comes with a Chronic Illness Accelerated Death Benefit Rider. This rider allows your clients to take a portion of their death benefit early if they’re diagnosed with a chronic illness. This money could be used to pay medical bills, to allow your clients to stop working and spend time with family, to take a dream vacation with their loved ones, or even to pre-plan and prepay funeral expenses. How your clients choose to use the benefit payment is up to them.

Use our new Healthcare Risk brochure to help explain this concept to your clients and to illustrate how an IUL policy can help minimize this risk.

This brochure can be ordered through your normal supply channels.