North American: Policy Packet Redesign Update for Universal Life

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As previously communicated, New Business and Policy Change will be implementing a new Policy Print system throughout 2018. Due to the complexity of the new system, it is being
implemented in phases by product.

The first release was March 26, 2018 for ADDvantage® Term policies. We are happy to inform you that the second release for Custom Guarantee® Universal Life product will be Monday, June 25, 2018.

The following will be effective June 25:

  • Each policy packet will include a Policy Summary page that lists the client and plan details. This will replace the existing agent card sheet.
  • Any forms on delivery will be included in the policy packet with one copy to complete and return to the Home Office. Any copies will need to be taken prior to returning the requirements to the Home Office.
  • The amendment form provided in the policy packet for all Universal Life policies issued has been updated and is now a 2-page form.
  • When submitting the new 2-page amendment, both pages of the amendment are required to be returned to the Home Office.
  • For all products, in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Maryland, when a request is received to make a change on the policy after it has been issued (including a re-date), this will now result in an amendment as these states are amend only states.