Medicare Cost Plan transition – Seminars and letter 2 for your clients

This Fall represents an exciting time to be in the Medicare insurance business and we hope you are ready to retain and grow your book of business.

Connecting with your clients, educating and reassuring them that you have their health insurance needs covered is a critical activity between now and October.

Let me quickly share two anecdotes to demonstrate the threat that many advisors in Minnesota may face from non-resident agents.  At a recent Medicare conference in St. Louis I overheard a call center manager from Texas talking about the challenges of pronouncing the clinics and hospital networks in Minnesota; they said they were hiring a Minnesotan to deliver speech lessons so they could sound local.  Secondly I hear that many of the cheaper suburban hotels were already seeing increased bookings for this fall from what appears to be ‘carpet bagging’ agents looking to benefit from the enrollment opportunities.

My view is that enrollment is important only to ensure you are paid for your work; however education, service and a relationship that ensures your clients health insurance needs are taken care of over many years are key to the very best agencies.  I believe every community in every corner of our state needs a professional, well paid health insurance advisor – ensure you are connected with your clients and community and be prepared to ‘Defend the North’.

Below, please download the second in our Medicare client letters, again please feel free to add, alter or delete to serve you agency’s needs.  We highly recommend booking venues for educational community meetings, we have also included our ‘guide to compliant educational meetings’ for your information.  We have prepared a 12 page booklet on the Cost Plan transition and Medicare – these are available at cost and we recommend you complete your contact details on the back page.  The intention is you send one to each of your clients and leave copies at key locations in your community to ensure you grow your business.

If you are delivering Medicare Educational events please download our free Cost Plan and Medicare presentation below – again feel free to use all, any or some of the content that suits your needs.  Seminars should be open to everyone in your community, many people will be wanting to connect with a well-informed, local advisor to lead them though this change.  Venues for Seminars are booking up across Minnesota, ensure you are ready to connect with your community during August and September.

We also have a Medicare suitability / needs analysis form for you to share with your clients – questions that will lead them to finding the right type of coverage this Fall. Please download it below.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Dan Arland,, or LaRae Mills,,  from our Medicare team – and if you wish to expand your Medicare, seniors portfolio send a message to Michelle Weiss,, to get appointed with Humana, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, Aetna, SilverScript (PDP), GTL (indemnity) , Ameritas (dental), GeoBlue (travel).

All the very best wishes for this Fall.

Richard Lett, MVO, CEO
LeClair Group