New for Thrivent FR’s: Access non-proprietary individual DI, group DI & group life insurance via LeClair Group

On July 1st, non-proprietary individual disability income insurance (DI), group DI and group life insurance sales transitioned from Thrivent Insurance Agency (TIA) to LeClair Group. The result? A wider selection of carrier and product availability, as well as a dedicated subject matter experts with specialized knowledge in this market. Product offerings continue to include health insurance, Medicare-related products, and now individual DI and group life and DI coverage.

Approved Reasons to Use Non-Proprietary Individual DI Insurance:

  • Clients not eligible for membership.
  • Business overhead expense.
  • Coverage exceeding Thrivent limits.
  • Coverage for occupations not covered by Thrivent.
  • Declined Thrivent cases.
  • Key person DI.

How to Work With Us:

  1. If you’re working with a member or prospect who meets one of the approved reasons to use non-proprietary individual DI insurance, send your Request for Proposal (RFP) to Dutch Koop. Dutch will call you once the RFP is received to discuss the case and request any additional information.
  2. When you learn via a prescreening consultation (phone call) between you and the Thrivent underwriter that Thrivent would not offer the coverage, there are no medical records or files to send to LeClair. You can reach out directly to Dutch.
  3. In situations when the client has gone through underwriting and Thrivent declined, you must request that Thrivent, which has underwriting records on the client, send the file to LeClair Group (not to Dutch). LeClair Group has a dedicated underwriter, Reena Paul, that will review the file.

New Business Process and Commissions

The carrier appointment process and application process will be handled by us.

Commissions will be paid to you, either via LeClair Group or direct from the carrier.

**These products are not eligible for Thrivent Financials bonus, conference credit or other internal compensation programs. 


  • If you have sales, carrier appointments, case status or carrier/product questions, email Dutch or call him directly at (651) 313-7029.
  • For general questions related to non-proprietary insurance products or to the LeClair Group relationship, please send your inquiry to Thrivent Insurance Agency or call them at (888) 834-4504.

As always, we value our partnership with Thrivent FR’s and look forward to working with you!

You can contact any of the below people with questions.

Marti Schochenmaier, FMO National Business,

LaRae Mills, Medicare,

Amy Johnson, Small Group,

Dutch Koop, Disability Income,

Reena Paul, Underwriting and Case Manager,

You can download a copy of the Thrivent Health portfolio here.