Do you have clients that want but cannot afford health insurance?

In a recently published opinion piece that appeared in the Washington Post, “Obamacare forgot about you. But Trump didn’t,” Alex Azar, U.S. Secretary of State of Health and Human Services, provides insight into Short Term Medical Plans.

Alex Azar provides and informative profile of the state of ACA enrollments, the 28 million people who do not sign up or qualify for subsidies and have no health insurance at all.

This article provides an interesting discussion on Federally approved year long, and yearly renewable Short Term Medical plans.

Around two months from now advisors will be able to discuss and deliver viable underwritten yearlong options that will be suitable for many of those that do not qualify or need coverage from ACA plans.

In many markets STM, combined with a first dollar accident or hospital indemnity plan will be the choice for many younger, healthy older, entrepreneurs and for those in transition.

Since the new rule provides for state regulation, the question becomes whether or not advisors should  be advocating for STM options in our state?

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Read the Washington Post article here.