New to Minnesota: Small Group plans from UnitedHealthcare

We are excited announce that agents in Minnesota can begin selling UnitedHealthcare’s Small Group plans.

UnitedHealthcare offers a comprehensive suite of medical and Rx plans that deliver maximum value through appealing, innovative designs that offer simplicity and member-sensitive cost sharing.

This portfolio also can deliver ancillary plans such as group life, disability and other plans that can support businesses their budgets and benefit goals.

Agents who sell UnitedHealthcare’s Small Group plans will have access to SAM (Sales Automation Management,” which allows you to easily enroll small groups online, with the ability to track their progress.

With SAM,  you can more efficiently enroll your small groups online with a streamlined process, saving time and making it easier to do business with UnitedHealthcare.

Contact Amy Johnson or Katie Miller with questions, or for help with quotes.

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