Using the DataWidget

There is no shortage of clients who require your assistance when shopping for insurance. The challenge is knowing where they are, and how to reach them.

Fortunately, there’s a new tool that will help you locate them. Agents now have access to LeClair Group’s DataWidget, which is a national database that allows you to pull mailing lists. These mailing lists will help you access the right clients, which will in turn give you a huge edge over the competition.

By utilizing the DataWidget, local advisors can reach out to more potential clients, more often. By reaching the right audience first, you will be well on your way to gaining new customers.

How it works

Through it’s sophisticated technology, LeClair Group’s DataWidget is able to connect to a national database of millions of people around the world. These mailing lists can be customized based on  a variety of demographics such as age, geography, gender, income, occupation group, house value, and home ownership.

Once you have your list, the click to print service will send you pre-filled address labels and spreadsheets so that you have a quick and efficient way to reach out to your community.

How will you use the LeClair Group DataWidget?

Interested in finding aging-in clients in the metro area? No problem. Want to find business owners in your area? We’ve got you covered. The combinations are endless when it comes to finding the right clients for your targeted marketing and outreach.

Here are some examples of how you can use the LeClair Group DataWidget:

  • Clients aging into Medicare
  • College graduates leaving their parent’s health plans
  • Clients thinking about their Long Term Care needs
  • Perfect demographics for Life Insurance clients
  • Identify business owners for Employee Benefits opportunities
  • Home Owners for Property and Casualty Business opportunities
  • Married couples with young or teenage children

With so many different ways to build your lists, we can’t wait to hear how you will use the DataWidget.

Demographics to keep in mind

When building a list, especially if you are targeting ageing-in clients, it’s important to remember to include age in your filter requirements.

For example, if you want to identify who is turning 65 later this year? Choose age 64 with a birthday in July, August, September etc. allowing you to focus your list on the best prospects.

You can also refine your lists by including other demographic information such as geography, gender, income, occupation group, house value, home ownership, and so much more.

Learn More

Join us on March 7 at 2:00pm CDT for a live demonstration of how to use the DataWidgetl. This webinar will help you better understand how to successfully filter clients so that you come away with the the right target marketing for your business. 

Get started with the DataWidget today and get exactly the right clients and demographics for your business!

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Get Started

In order to start taking advantage of the LeClair Group DataWidget, simply visit our website,, and log into the My Advantage Portal if you have already signed up for access. If you have not signed up for the portal yet, please do so here. Once you have logged into the portal, navigate to the DataWidget

Contact with questions regarding how to start using this new and exciting service. 

With just the click of a button, agents can be on the fast track to reaching clients first.