Stay connected with your clients

After spending the last year preparing for the Cost Plan transition, Medicare advisors can finally refocus on what’s important – growth and retention.

Even though AEP is finished, that doesn’t mean that your work is done. You still need to continue to work with your clients to ensure that their plan is meeting their needs.

It’s important for advisors to stay connected with all their clients in the post Cost Plan world, because they will be looking to you to help them make the most out of their plan.

One way to stay in front of your clients is to send them a letter this spring. Consider some of the these ideas of letters you can send to your clients:

  • Wish them a happy spring and summer
  • Check in to see how their plan is working out for them
  • Invite them to get in contact with you if they have questions on how to get the best value out of their health insurance.
  • Share information about Final Expense, LTC planning, Dental, and anything else you think they may find of value.
  • Inquire into whether you can be of service to any of their friends and family
  • Routine well wishes that lets them know that they can call any time of year with their questions.

It’s also important to check back in with your clients fall so that you can detail their Annual Notice of Change, and to schedule a review meeting.

Every time you connect with your clients, make sure to include a Medicare Needs Analysis, so that your records stay up to date.

The senior market is all about relationships, and your clients are looking to you to help maintain those relationships.