Sales idea: Hybrid Long Term Care solutions

Your clients want to live out the last days of their life as comfortably and with as much dignity as possible. Whether they require to stay in an assisted living facility, or just need some extra assistance home, preparation can reduce the expense and burden of long-term care on your loved ones.

Although many agents recommend Long Term Care insurance to their clients, many consumers aren’t sold on the idea of buying such protection, partly because of the potential money wasted if they don’t end up needing the services. Fortunately, hybrid Long Term Care policies offer an alternative to traditional LTC.

Hybrid policies have grown more popular in recent years, attracting consumers with the promise that if policyholders don’t end up needing long term care, their beneficiary will receive a death benefit.

A great solution for your clients is OneAmerica’s asset-based products, which provide long term care benefits if care is needed. However, if your clients never need care, their assets will then pass to the next generation — making asset-based long term care an innovative alternative to traditional long term care insurance.

OneAmerica’s asset protection solutions

OneAmerica offers a variety of asset-based long-term
care products referred to as Care Solutions®. This product suite uses existing assets to fund whole-life or annuity contracts to provide clients with options on how to fund their LTC protection.

Asset Care can help your clients protect against the risk of LTC expenses and provides a way to pass their assets down to the next generation if they never need care. Asset Care can accommodate many types of assets to fund LTC protection. All Asset Care policies include the following guarantees: death benefit, cash value growth, access to 100 percent of the death benefit for qualifying LTC expenses and an optional rider for lifetime LTC coverage at premiums guaranteed never to increase.

OneAmerica’s Asset Care policies offer the following funding options:

Single Premium Whole Life

  • Single-premium whole life policy with an accelerated death benefit for qualifying LTC expenses
  • Available for issue ages 35–80 (age last birthday)
  • Typically funded through money currently in CDs, money market funds, savings, stocks, bonds or life insurance cash values

Asset Care with Return of Premium

  • Single-premium whole life policy with an accelerated death benefit for qualifying LTC expenses
  • Receive a full return of single premium (less any prior distributions taken) if policy is returned

Recurring Premium Whole Life

  • Whole life insurance with an accelerated death benefit for qualifying LTC expenses
  • Available for issue ages 35–80 (5-pay, 10-pay and pay-to-95) or 35–74 (20-pay)
  • Premiums can be paid annually or through modal options (monthly, quarterly or semiannually)

Single Premium Annuity Funding Whole Life

  • An annuity and income rider that funds a 10-pay whole life policy with accelerated death benefit for qualifying LTC expenses using qualified or non-qualified dollars
  • Issue ages: 59½–80
  • Typically funded through money currently in qualified retirement plans such as 401(k)s, 403(b)s and IRAs or 1035 exchanges from existing non-qualified annuities and life insurance cash values

Are you ready to sell?

LeClair Group’s brokerage team understands that selling Long Term Care insurance, including hybrid plans, can be a challenge, especially if you are new to the product, but that’s where Dutch Koop comes in.

Dutch has over 13 years of experience under his belt, and is passionate about helping clients find solutions that prepare them for the latter third of their lives. He’s committed to doing everything possible to help you grow your business. He will not only include case design assistance, he’ll help you with the LTC conversation and provide you with an ongoing series of sales ideas to incorporate into your practice.

Contact Dutch Koop today with any questions you have about OneAmerica and their hybrid LTC plans, and for help with getting contracted.

Learn More

Watch an on-demand webinar with OneAmerica to learn more about their asset-based LTC solutions.

Below is additional collateral for download to help get you ready to sell.


Care Solutions Process Guide
Asset Care Product Cheat Sheet
Care Solutions Product Guide
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