Anthem (BCBS): Sales Oversight Corner: August Tips for Avoiding Sales Allegations

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We know your priority is taking care of the needs of your client, making sure they purchase the product best suited to their specific health care needs and providing the best customer service possible. We also know you do NOT want to be accused of any sales misconduct, also called a “sales allegation.”

Below are a few enrollment tips and reminders to ensure your clients get the best information and you stay compliant.

Helping Clients Avoid Late Enrollment Penalties for Prescription Drug Coverage

Remind the beneficiary that it is their responsibility to inform the plan of any prescription drug coverage they have or may get in the future.

  • You must describe the difference between product types (Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Part D plans) and the scenarios that may cancel a beneficiary’s existing coverages through new enrollment options.
  • Always explain the risk of a Part D late enrollment penalty. If a beneficiary currently does not have Medicare prescription drug coverage or other creditable drug coverage, make sure they understand that they may have to pay a late enrollment penalty if they enroll in a Medicare prescription drug coverage plan in the future.
  • Tell your clients when their plans include drug benefits and when they don’t. Ask and confirm what coverage they may already have so any current creditable coverage (i.e., VA Benefits, employer/group plan, etc.) is not compromised.
  • If a beneficiary has creditable coverage, they should be receiving an annual notice telling them so. Remind them to keep these notices to use if they later choose to enroll in a Medicare plan that includes Part D coverage