UnitedHealthOne U65 health and ancillary lineup

UnitedHealthOne is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives with high-quality, and affordable health care insurance across the United States.  With UnitedHealthOne, your clients have discounted access to care through networks that include 1.3 million physicians, health care professionals, and approximately 6,000 hospitals and other facilities.

Through their broad portfolio of products, UnitedHealthOne has many of the benefits your clients need to support their health.  UnitedHealthOne specializes in health protection for individual Under 65 clients, however in addition to a great dental plan for U65, they also have a special seniors dental plan that includes coverage for dental implants.

Now is a great time to take a fresh look at UnitedHealthOne and how it can help grow your sales during Open Enrollment and beyond. Review the following on-demand webinars to better understand how UnitedHealthOne could be the right choice for your clients.  Download the state availability grid below to see which products are available in your state.

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UnitedHealthOne Dental: Keep on Smiling – Watch Now

UnitedHealthOne’s dental plans, and the basic and preventive care coverage that comes with them, makes it easier for your clients to give their dental health the attention it deserves. During covered routine cleanings, their dentist will check for various issues such as oral cancer, nutritional deficiencies as well as cavities – catching problems before they can become more serious.

Download the Dental product guide by clicking here.

UnitedHealthONe TriTerm Medical: A longer term ACA alternative – Watch Now

Do you have clients looking for health insurance and wanting an option to ACA coverage? UnitedHealthOne’s TriTerm Medical may have the combination of lower premiums, benefits and networks they are looking for. TriTerm Medical is limited duration Short Term Medical plan designed for nearly 36 months over 3 terms.

Download the TriTerm Medical product guide by clicking here.

UnitedHealthOne Short Term Medical: For those in transition – Watch Now

Short Term Medical bridges gaps in your clients health care coverage. For many, Short Term Medical plans provide the solution to their health insurance needs. Clients will be attracted by the lower premiums. However, since Short Term Medical isn’t ACA coverage, it’s important to ensure that your clients are getting the coverage they need.

Download the Short Term Medical product guide by clicking here.

UnitedHealthOne Accident: Helping to pay first dollar expenses – Watch Now

A serious injury can affect the whole family and with many Americans having less than $1,000 in savings, agents should be educating their clients on the value of accident coverage. Accident plans can provide financial security from the risk of deductibles and out of pocket expenses from an accident, hospitalization or critical illness. When the unexpected happens, expenses often go up, including the impact of lost wages, deductibles, unpaid bills and medical expenses not paid by insurance.

Download the Accident product guide by clicking here.

UnitedHealthOne Fixed Indemnity: Affordable ACA Alternative – Watch Now

Hospital and Doctor Fixed Indemnity insurance, also known as fee for service insurance, pays a set amount of money when your clients receive specific covered medical services. That’s money that can serve as a financial boost to help them deal with those expenses.

Download the Fixed Indemnity product guide by clicking here.