Your pipeline: Slow Work is the secret to success!

So, what is Slow Work? It is the thing that AI, Technology and Call Centers cannot replace. Slow Work is building relationships, growing your reputation and your business.

Building a Pipeline is the definition of ‘Slow Work’ and it is incredibly effective in generating clients, growing your revenue, all while enjoying what you do. There’s a reason why you got into health insurance in the first place, and it is often to serve your community. Remembering your reason every day gives you focus.

Offering education, seminars and serving your community is the essence of building and maintaining a Pipeline.

So, what are the steps to create a great Pipeline?

  • Data. Everything begins with accurate data including the names, addresses and information about everyone aging-into Medicare. While Medicare may be one of the most important Pipelines to create, LeClair Group’s  DataWidget, located within My Advantage Portal, can provide detailed information on businesses, homeowners, families, and whoever else might be the target market for your business. Learn how to use the DataWidget by watching this short webinar.
  • Logistics and planning. Have you created a network of contacts for seminar venues, a routine for mailing prospects each week, or reaching out to your local community ‘Gatekeepers’ who can provide you with access to your target audience?
  • Marketing. Have you customized flyers, birthday cards and seminar invites? Visit the Online Shop to view our marketing materials and to customize everything with your logo and contact details.
  • Presentations and brochures. Download our Medicare presentation and speak to our Medicare team about getting a copy of our Medicare video for your seminars. The key to seminars is consistency and ensuring you share your story and how your business serves clients. Clients rarely remember too much detail, but they will remember if they want to work with you.
  • Compliance. If you develop any of your own materials, ensure you check with our team if you have any compliance questions. Remember you cannot deliver a Medicare Sales meeting without authorization by the appropriate carrier. Download our compliance guide here.
  • Collect the right information. Prepare Permission to Contact sheets and Scope of Appointment. You can share business cards and gather information from attendees, just ensure you gather the right permissions before you follow up or arrange a Medicare consultation.
  • Consistency. Follow up with every prospect, send a thank you letter and repeat your Pipeline process every week, month or quarter. Consistency and focus is what builds books of business.

Building a Pipeline takes commitment, especially since your first round of marketing may not be an adequate representation of the number of attendees that you will eventually build to. Building a Pipeline takes time, referrals and a recognition that your seminars are taking place.

A great Pipeline is the result of having the discipline of focusing on the importance of ‘Slow Work’.

Consider attending LeClair Group’s Medicare Seminars in a Box Workshop on January 21, 2020 or reach out to our Medicare team to discuss how we can support building your Pipeline.