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Although the ACA Open Enrollment Period has come to a close, you can still enroll your clients in UnitedHealthOne’s Tri-Term medical coverage, which has enrollment all year.  With a significantly lower premium than an ACA plan, Tri-Term provides wide ranging coverage for up to three years.

UnitedHealthOne has recently expanded Tri Term in the states of Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska. Additionally, Indiana and Oklahoma will be added on January 17, 2020.

Tri Term is a great option for your clients who are asking for more affordable options, need coverage before they are eligible for Medicare, and those interested in alternative options with UnitedHealthcare’s national network.

Tri-Term Medical is a 3-year Short Term Medical product that is available starting any time of the year. It is underwritten but can be a good option for your healthy clients looking for an alternative to an ACA plan or if they have missed open enrollment or their special enrollment period. This plan not only has a nationwide network, but also offers a variety of benefit options for the client. As you can see below, this option can reduce the premium by about half.

Here are a few comparisons of a healthy 55 year old male:

Des Moines, IA (50301):
  • Tri-Term CoPay $325/month $2500 ded w/ $7000 total risk
  • ACA Plan $611/month $7200 deductible $8150 MOOP
St. Louis, MO (63101):
  • Tri-Term CoPay $452/month $2500 ded w/ $7000 total risk
  • ACA Plan $680/month $7400 deductible $8150 MOOP
Omaha, NE (68101):
  • Tri-Term CoPay $348/month $2500 ded w/ $7000 total risk
  • ACA Plan $711/month $7200 deductible $8150 MOOP

The compensation on these plans make them worth your time to talk about. Agent compensation is 20% of the premium for the first term and 10% of the premium term two and three. Help your clients to cover their insurance gaps in an efficient way, while also making it worth your time and effort.

Reach out LaRae Mills if you would like to learn more about Tri Term Medical.

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