Are you following up with your clients throughout 2020?

Now that Medicare AEP his over, it is the perfect time to discuss your clients ability to cover out of pocket and life insurance needs.

Final Expense pairs really well with your clients senior insurance portfolio, but unfortunately you cannot discuss their Life Insurance needs during a Medicare meeting, so now is the right time to reach out.

Did you know that Final Expense is the fastest growing market segment in Life Insurance, growing at a rate of over 5% per year. But why such a rise in sales, many want to know they have the money to cover final out of pocket costs or burial expenses and peace of mind that their affairs are in order.

See below fore more ideas on Final Expense and details of our upcoming Life Insurance and Disability Income Protection Workshop on March 17, 2020.

Final Expense and End of Life Planning

The benefits to your clients:

  • Permanent protection over a lifetime, if premiums are paid Final Expense policies do not expire.
  • Premiums stay the same for the life of the policy and are based on the age at which the plan is purchased.
  • Provide tax-free funds to pay for final medical expenses, burial, or funeral costs etc.
  • Policy proceeds are not subject to probate and pass assets tax free to beneficiaries.
  • Tax-deferred cash value that builds over time. In addition to offering a fixed death benefit, Final Expense insurance can also provide the option to accumulate cash value over time.
  • Affordable premiums customized to fit a budget. The policy, costs and coverage is designed to fit the needs and available budget of the policy holder.

The benefits to you:

  • Simple to incorporate into existing practice. Final Expense policies are easy to understand and highly transferrable.
  • High client need. Funeral costs and finalizing a person’s death can total up to $25,000. 55% of all people, age 65 or greater, carry an average mortgage balance of $126,000.
  • Very competitive first year compensation (annualized).
  • True “companion” sale. For those agents in the Medicare space, or wanting to engage this market segment, Final Expense is a true companion to Medicare sales.
  • Proven concept. Fastest growing market segment in the Life Insurance industry.

LeClair Group has Final Expense options including Mutual of Omaha’s Living  Promise. Learn more by viewing our on-demand webinar

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