Telehealth provides virtual connection between doctors and patients

The entire world is navigating foreign waters amid the uncertainties caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Now more than ever, health and wellness is crucial among our communities. With several states having implemented “stay-at-home” orders to the population along with strong recommendations to practice “social-distancing,” the last thing people will want to do is sit in their primary health care provider’s office seeking care. Many of them may already be wondering, how can I find care without seeking a doctor in-person? Do any alternatives to an in-person visit even exist?

Whether your clients have Medicare, Individual, Group, Short Term or no coverage at all, access to 24/7 telehealth from HealthiestYou by UnitedHealthOne is a standalone service anyone can utilize. At just $20 per month, HealthiestYou is an ideal option for anyone looking to save time and money while avoiding potential infections­­– which, of course, makes every one of your clients a potential user. According to a statistic provided by GeoBlue, 80% of Millennials said that they would be willing to try telemedicine services.

Here is an overview of just a few of the statistics reported from HealthiestYou about the benefits its users have seen:

  • $2,320,812 Medical Cost Savings in 2019
  • $517 Average Claims Savings per Episode
  • 94% First Call Resolution
  • 11 minutes Average Response Time
  • 51% Claims Handled M-F 9am -5pm

HealthiestYou saves time, money and provides a simple and safe avenue to receive a quick consultation with a licensed general practice doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over the phone or via Mobil App. No matter where your client lives or how busy they get, or if they simply wish to avoid the extended wait times at the doctor’s office, HealthiestYou will get them the care they need in just a fraction of the time it would take to wait at a clinic. The network grants access to 1.3 million physicians and health care professionals, along with 6,000 hospitals and medical facilities.

HealthiestYou can diagnose a variety of symptoms for any condition ranging from allergies, bronchitis, earache, sore throat, sinusitis, pink eye, strep throat, respiratory infection or urinary tract infections.

Other convenient features of HealthiestYou that clients will love include the ability to locate providers, prescription savings, health management, shop and price medical procedures. Prescriptions can be sent direct to your client’s selected pharmacy for added convenience. While there are no waiting periods, Social Security offices are closed to face-to-face appointments for the time being, so tell your clients that they should begin the enrollment process as soon as they have made the decision to enroll. Once the process is complete, don’t wait to tell your clients they may sign up and make their first call anytime, day or night.

Short Term Medical

With millions of people being laid off throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many will be seeking advice on Short Term Medical plans if they do not wish to apply for an ACA plan. Did you know that 77% of STMs are issued outside of Open Enrollment? Gone are the days when STM were only for clients between jobs and early retirees waiting for Medicare eligibility.

Today’s STM plans have evolved into a budget-friendly option most anyone can use to bridge gaps in other coverage. Short Term Medical from UnitedHealthOne offers the following benefits:

  • Coverage for major medical events with an out-of-pocket maximum
  • Specific preventative services for children
  • Access to a nationwide network
  • Range of plan and deductible options for premium flexibility (STM sales tip: rather than selecting an STM with a co-pay, choose a deductible only plan and recommend Teledoc for inexpensive professional advice and prescriptions)
  • UHone’s STM plan now covers the cost of COVID-19 testing
  • No long-term commitment with month-to-month payments

*Note that some states, such as Minnesota, have limits as to how long an STM can be issued. Consider affordability, benefits and plan duration when determining options for your clients.

UnitedHealthOne offers a range of medical and supplementary health options with wide networks, great service and strong benefits. Reach out to Dan Arland, LaRae Mills or Weston Peterson with your questions or to get contracted.