Cybersecurity tips to avoid cybercrime

One of the biggest online threats to all of us–agents and clients alike–is a compromised email address. Once someone has access to your email, they often have everything they need to find your passwords, bank account and maybe even the personal information of your clients. Access to any of these can lead to a world of pain for you, your family and quite possibly with state regulators as well.

Finding your email address and password is easier for the bad folks than we like to think, but there are preventative measures you can take to ensure your information isn’t compromised online.

Here are two quick cybersecurity tips to avoid falling victim to cybercrime:

  1.  Turn on 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) in your email app. This is also commonly referred to as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
  2. Change all or as many of your passwords as possible, and use better passwords. A quick Google search will provide you tips on how to select a high-security password. Consider using a password protection app to help as well.

Cybercrime is expected to cost $6 trillion per year by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015. The cyber threat is very real–take action today and protect yourself from cybercriminals.

For more information on how to turn on MFA, click here for IOS, Office 365, Gmail, or Yahoo.