Delivering Modern Approaches to Employee Benefits

As health care continues to evolve while costs rise, employers are looking for ways to offer care that is affordable and provides an adequate level of care and accessibility to their employees.

For the past decade, HSA-qualified plans, coupled with health spending and saving accounts, have been on the rise. In 2019 alone, health spending account growth grew to almost 66 billion in assets in over 28 million accounts. By the end of 2020, the number of HSA accounts is projected to surpass 30 million.

HSA-qualified plans coupled with spending accounts benefit the employers and the employees. How? Employers will save on health plans costs without sacrificing their employee’s health care. Employees own and have access to their money. Having spending accounts also reduce both the employers and employee’s taxable income. However, to be successful, employees need to understand the plan and accounts to fully harness the benefits. How can employers help and play a critical role in helping employees understand their plan and accounts? Where do they start?

Recently, Nick Forside and Katie Miller of LeClair Group’s brokerage team held discussions with Further’s Connie Wrase to deliver a webinar, “Delivering Modern Approaches to Employee Benefits,” that serves to answer the above questions. The webinar centered around modern employee benefits and strategies that can be used to provide employers with the tools necessary to help their employees adopt and use their health spending and savings accounts confidently.

The presenters educated attendees on several aspects of the insurance landscape, including:

  • The state of today’s consumer-driven health care market and recent legislation
  • How employers are helping to drive spending account growth
  • Strategies on how they can help employers (and their employees) adopt consumer-driven health plans and products
  • Resources available to help with upcoming conversations

If you missed the webinar, you may access the recording on LeClair Group’s BrightTalk channel.

Several resources are available for agents’ use, including the following:

If you would like any assistance with your group benefit portfolio, to learn more about our prospecting tools, or if you have any questions, please reach out to Katie Miller or Nick Forside.