Executive order on return to work preparedness plans

Minnesota has begun the process of safely reopening all businesses after the coronavirus pandemic shut down many non-essential businesses for over two months.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz authorized the opening of all businesses beginning June 10, 2020 provided they follow several guidelines and follow a COVID-19 preparedness plan.

For bars and restaurants, that includes ensuring a minimum of six feet between tables and an indoor occupant capacity of no more than 50% up to 250 occupants. Reservations are required to reduce the amount of people at the storefront, and workers are required to wear masks at all times.

Similar guidelines are in place for businesses including, but not limited to, gyms and fitness studios, personal care services, seated and recreational entertainment, and meeting venues.

The full guidelines for businesses can be viewed here.

All businesses that have been allowed to reopen under previous Executive Orders, including Critical Sector businesses, non-Critical Sector industrial and office-based businesses, and retail establishments can continue operations as previously allowed. Visit Minnesota’s Stay Safe Plan – including details about what is open and what restrictions exist – for more information.