New – Minnesota Health Care Cost and Utilization report

Consumer decisions can make a huge difference on how many out of pocket costs your clients incur. The data from this report reflects cost and utilization in 2019, providing valuable insights to control cost and the enhanced experience of using healthcare in MN.

The analyses by the MN Community Measurement team of 2019 detail the average cost and quality of health care that will help you and your client determine different ways for them to effectively use their health insurance in a way that will save them time and money.

Whether you focus in on the Group, Individual or Medicare markets, you will find insightful information in these reports.

In a regional comparison, costs trended higher in some areas of Minnesota than others. The central Minnesota area has the lowest average of $501, while southeastern Minnesota has a highest of $797. Notably, the high-cost area surrounds the Mayo Clinic, while the lower areas center around the Twin Cities metro area. This could potentially be due greater competition and access to health care around the Twin Cities, versus the Mayo Clinic serving as a single high-quality network in southeastern Minnesota.

Clients need to know that there are cost differences for visiting a clinic versus a trip to the hospital, even for the same procedure. For example, the average prices for imaging services in 2018 reported that a chest x-ray in a clinic cost an average of $75 versus the hospital-based price of $223. The graph indicates that a clinic-based procedure will, in most cases, be much cheaper for clients than a hospital visit.

Costs always seem to be rising, and the last twelve months have been no exception.

The five-year trend in cost growth for people with private health insurance increased by 5.9 percent per person in 2018. The outpatient hospital services grew the fastest at 7.4%, while inpatient hospital grew slower at 2.7 %.

MN Community Measurement reports are dedicated to empowering decision makers with meaningful data. To download a copy of the 2019 MN Community Measurement reports Health Care Cost & Utilization and the Minnesota Health Care Quality Report.