Can health insurance professionals make an impact on the cost of healthcare in the USA?

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As far back as 2013, medical costs associated with obesity in adults was $342.2 billion– an astounding 28.2% of total health care expenditure. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 30.5% of American adults were obese at the turn of the century, and by 2018, those figures had risen to 42.4%.  To what extent can– or should– we act on this for ours and our families health, and the long-term cost of health insurance?

COVID-19 has caused even greater concern around obesity, both as a risk factor and because it has proven to disproportionality impact minority populations.

Health insurance professionals rightly focus on ensuring their clients have the coverage they need; as a society, we all need to address a number of underlying issues driving the cost of care.

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