MetLife’s latest Employee Benefits survey is here

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MetLife’s latest report on Employee Benefits is a great resource to understand which benefits are important along with the impacts of financial, personal, mental and workplace stress on employees. Every broker is looking to build a great blend of insurance coverage, and an awareness of trends across America is a great start.

Workplace factors such as flexible hours, working from home, effective communication, and understanding what is impacting employees and families is important in maintaining healthy relationships. The best brokers offer advice and benefits packages that make them appear as if ‘on staff but not on payroll’. Make yourself a key part of your client’s team by sharing your knowledge of the latest trends.

So much continues to change, so it is important that you keep yourself up to date with the many tips and data points of what is happening in today’s Employee Benefits markets with MetLife’s latest report.

Click here to access the MetLife PDF for more information.