Thinking differently about group renewals and prospecting this season

Financial stress is a burden for many. Brokers leading renewals with a conversation about welfare and financial wellness programs immediately broaden the meeting from just premiums, thus building stronger relationships with their clients.

Recently, a broker working with our employee benefits team used a discussion of ShareCare as an introduction to a renewals meeting. The employer appreciated that the broker demonstrated empathy and showed understanding of real issues facing employees across America.

Value add and welfare programs such as ShareCare by Blue Cross and Blue Shield address important concerns affecting performance in many companies.

Fortunately, the jobs of many employees have remained intact during the pandemic, yet many teams have outside stressors impacting the workplace. Everyone’s situation is different, yet the chances are every company has one or more employees experiencing financial or mental stress. Showing empathy for this significantly builds your relationship with your groups.

It is important to think wider about what you can do to connect with your group clients. Wellness in the workplace is not simply about remaining physically healthy; it is also about fostering a safe space for mental health, and a huge driver for mental issues is financial stress. Not only can you provide affordable health insurance, you can also make your clients lives even better.

ShareCare’s Financial Health Program is a great solution for those struggling with financial stress. The program offers education and tools to address causes so they can take concrete steps to abolish problems. The online and self-guided program educates employees on the connection between health and finances, including the five categories of financial risk, and healthy budgeting.

For a quick 101 on ShareCare, click here to listen to Katie and Nick from LeClair Group discuss the ShareCare program with BCBS MN.

For more information, read this article from Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN detailing the program.

In preparation for 4th quarter, LeClair Group and BCBS will be releasing a series of short webinars to assist you with BCBSMN’s Benefit Manager, networks, and Dental & Vision. Broadening your approach to renewals and prospecting adds value for your clients.

Stay tuned and be on the lookout for more education on wellness and value-added programming.

If you have questions or want to learn more about ShareCare or any other program, reach out to LeClair Group’s small group specialists, Nick Forside and Katie Miller.