Make sure your clients are prepared with a final expense plan

As an insurance agent, it’s important to encourage each of your clients to be protected throughout their life, including the end of it. Death is an inevitable occurrence we must all plan for, and it’s important your clients have the right resources to do so properly.

First, establish whether your clients have a need for a final expense plan. Be sure to inform them that having final medical and funeral expenses covered in advance saves their family unnecessary time, money and may even make fulfilling their wishes possible. Investing in a final expense plan takes away the burden of worrying about funeral or other final expenses.  Final expense premiums and benefits are locked in for life; the younger they sign up the earlier the protection and lower the cost.

Your client’s family should have the freedom to grieve loved ones without the stress of financial burdens looming over them. Presenting these facts to your client will undoubtedly make them consider their options on how to ensure these costs are covered. Ultimately, it’s important to discuss peace-of-mind and financial protection, ensuring that your client and their family are taken care of.

If your client has already covered their final expense needs, consider reviewing their current plan to reaffirm their buying decision and talk them through any doubts they may have. This will not only give them more confidence in their buying decision, but it will strengthen your relationship with them and establish trust.

No one wants to prepare for the end of their lives and promising that their families will be taken care of can be a good conversation starter for clients ready to consider a final expense plan. Empathy always goes a long way in health and life insurance sales, and continuing to check in with clients from time to time leads to stronger relationships and higher retention. Keeping an open narrative will inevitably make the process easier for all parties involved.

The Living Promise plan from Mutual of Omaha offers affordable plan options that pay benefits directly to the person your client chooses to handle any debts that they may leave behind. For more information, see the resources below.

If you have any questions about final expense, life insurance, underwriting or want guidance on making more life insurance sales, please contact Chris LeClair.