Preventive care helps clients avoid high premiums

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Everyone wants to live longer, healthier lives while paying less health insurance premiums so they may spend on other indulgences. In many cases, this is entirely achievable.

While healthy living is key to reducing the cost of healthcare and associated premiums, preventive care can be a beneficial safety blanket for even the healthiest members. Preventive care improves overall health by implementing early warnings for those who need to take action on their health, whether it be something minor or a situation that may develop into something more serious.

This report from the MN Community Measurement shows the uptake on preventative health measures in Minnesota, including information on cancer screenings, infectious disease screenings, vaccinations and sexually transmitted diseases.

Although many preventive services are “free” in ACA plans and Medicare, high deductibles and out-of-pocket costs oftentimes result in clients shying away from seeing a doctor in the event they will need treatment. Do you know anyone afraid to see their physician?

Health insurance agents are responsible for not only connecting clients with coverage that includes their providers, but also with the mix of benefits that fit their lifestyle and finances. Advisors can encourage their clients to understand and use all their preventive benefits early and often when any treatment is likely to work best while fitting within their budget.

Be sure that clients understand the role that accident, cancer, critical illness or hospital indemnity coverage plays; not only does it provide protection from out of pocket costs, but it also grants them the flexibility to use their money as they wish.

Download the MNCM Preventive Health Measure here.