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There is an abundance of information available on government, carrier and company websites, as well as through media advertising, but many Medicare enrollees still struggle to work out which is the right option for them. This can be due in part to a lack of health literacy, high healthcare costs and being unaware of the full breadth of benefit details.

Multiple surveys indicate that many people do not trust marketing from insurance companies, with large numbers opting to trust the advice from family and friends instead. Fortunately, independent Medicare experts, such as licensed advisors, are considered a trusted source for information and guidance. With seniors increasingly concerned about finances, making thoughtful decisions with healthcare spending and coverage is vitally important.

Working with a professional advisor will help enrollees consider:

  • Network choice – HMO, PPO, MSA and how they address in and out of network claims
  • Specialist care
  • Prescriptions and local pharmacy
  • How to use OTC benefits
  • Importance of prevention
  • Health, wellness, and fitness benefits

Telehealth has been one of the most used benefits throughout 2020, with many providers offering everything from primary to specialist, and even mental health care online. After experiencing little utilization amongst seniors in 2019, Telehealth services in 2020 reported that 9 out of 10 seniors who used their services had a positive experience.

Lifestyles and health habits typically change over time for everyone. AEP is an annual opportunity for those with a Medicare Advantage plan to review their benefits with a licensed professional, and it’s important that you as an agent educate them on which options best fit their current lifestyle.

With all the challenges you may face this AEP, we know you are doing your best to care for your community’s needs.