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Housing First Minnesota

Housing First Minnesota is a leading association of home builders and remodelers in Minnesota, with a primary focus in residential.  The association has 900 member companies that are eligible for AHP participation. To see a list of participating trades, click here.  Remember that being a member of the association is a requirement to join the plan.

The Housing First Minnesota Association Health Plan (AHP) is underwritten and fully insured by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and managed by North Risk Partners. The AHP provides 8 plan options and 2 network options for member company consideration (3 networks technically because of the Advance Health incentive for a $0 copay).

This is an agent friendly AHP.  This is not a captive AHP.  Service fees are $22 per contract per month.

More Info on Housing First MN:

Housing First Minnesota got its start in the late 1930s by a small group of builders. Their goal was to increase the professionalism and quality of the homebuilding industry. Over the years the association has grown to include builders, remodelers, sub-contractors, suppliers, and other professionals who support the building industry. Members subscribe to a defined code of ethics, and all of our builders conform to Minimum Performance Standards for construction and business practices. All builder and remodeler members are licensed through the state of Minnesota and must comply with the rules, regulations, and continuing education requirements set by state statute.

What we need to quote:

  1. BATC Employer Questionnaire
  2. Census (Please remember to include zip codes)
  3. Current and renewal plan(s)
  4. Current and renewal rates
  5. 2 years claims (if available – probably will not get from less than 50 sized groups, so we will census quote those groups)
    1. *No Health History applications
  6. Membership in Housing First Minnesota is not required to quote. It is required in order for us to sell the group.

Other resources include:

ABC Heath Plan Letter – Included with Proposal

2021 Trifold ABC

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