Encourage clients to enroll in a dental plan

Do you have clients who have chosen to forgo dental coverage? If so, now may be the time to open a discussion with them about choosing a dental plan.

While health insurance is the number one coverage for Americans, dental isn’t far behind. A fresh smile is just one part of living a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle, and clients will be more likely to schedule that annual cleaning if they are paying for dental insurance. Agents can– and should–connect with their clients year-round to educate and share the benefits of quality dental coverage.

Here are the top things clients should consider when choosing a dental plan:

  • Network is key. Out-of-pocket costs are much lower if a dentist is in network
  • What is the maximum benefit? The benefit maximum amount is only affected after discounts and insurance are applied, which means that benefits go much further than people realize
  • Is there a waiting period? Preventative services and price discounts apply immediately, and the insurance contribution typically goes up after the first year.
  • Is there coverage for all benefit tiers? Preventative, Basic, Major and Orthodontia, and cost sharing may vary with each benefit tier.
  • Is orthodontia coverage included? Many carriers have coverage for braces and orthodontia coverage.

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