Medicare Advantage OEP: What You’ll Need to Know

Medicare Advantage OEP is starting soon. Are you ready to assist clients who might have network or benefit gaps?

MA OEP officially begins January 1, 2021 and runs through March 31, 2021. Now is the time to become familiar with the options available to your clients and how each may benefit from a change to their plan.

One-time coverage change options

During the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (MA OEP), beneficiaries who are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan or who are newly-MA-eligible may make any of the following one-time changes to their coverage:

  • Switch from one MA plan to a different MA plan
  • Drop MA coverage and return to Original Medicare (Part A and Part B)
  • Drop MA coverage, return to Original Medicare and add a stand-alone Part D plan

Effective Date

The effective date for an MA OEP election is the first day of the month following receipt of the enrollment request.

The MA OEP does not provide an opportunity for:

  • An individual enrolled in Original Medicare to join an MA plan.
  • Part D changes for individuals enrolled in Original Medicare, including those enrolled in stand-alone Part D plans

Remember that the rules within the CMS Marketing Guidelines strictly prohibit actively marketing OEP. This time is designed to provide an opportunity for change when clients on a Medicare Advantage plan find that either their current network or benefits do not meet their needs.

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