First Dollar thinking improves client’s decisions

Concern surrounding out-of-pocket costs is preventing better health.

Studies show that 38% of adults are worried about steep out-of-pocket costs, which can lead to massive numbers of people forgoing medical visits, tests, treatments, follow-ups and prescription medications. Waiving these services can be detrimental to health overall and may lead to an increase in undiagnosed medical conditions that could otherwise be easily treated.

Insurance advisors are discussing ways for clients to make the best use of their coverage. Preventative care and screenings are essential, as the earlier issues are found, the easier they are to treat.

With today’s high deductible plans, many see their health insurance as ‘catastrophic coverage’; agents can change the way insurance is used by promoting low cost Accident, Cancer or Critical Illness plans. First dollar coverage changes the way clients view their health and use their insurance.

You are in a position to make the world a healthier place. Reach out to LeClair Group’s Sales team to explore all your first dollar options.