Dental is the number one ancillary coverage

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It’s no secret that everyone needs dental coverage. Regular oral care is critical to long term health and wellness, not to mention a necessary boost in self-confidence. Dental insurance is affordable for most and offers free preventative cleanings, significant discounts, wide networks and insurance to substantially reduce the cost of care.

Many advisors choose Ameritas for their competitive price, wide networks and comprehensive benefits.  You may install the Ameritas custom link with your agent ID embedded on the website so you and your clients can quote and enroll into dental plans 24/7, year-round.

What are the key features of dental plans?


Many people have a trusted dentist, so finding in-network coverage is often an important feature. Being in-network means the discount will apply to your treatment, and the network discounts are a substantial saving on cost. Many clients make the switch from upon realizing that a local dentist is in their network.

What is the maximum benefit?

Keep in mind that the maximum goes further than you think; the maximum benefit is applied after all discounts and insurance are applied. Only what the client actually pays comes off the maximum benefit amount.

Waiting periods

Many dental plans do not have waiting periods for preventative care. In that case, network discounts apply on day one, which means your clients save money signing up even the day before having major dental work. The insurance contribution normally increases after the first year.

Benefit tiers

Procedures are classified into four categories— Preventive, Basic, Major, and Orthodontia. The carrier covers a percentage of a procedure cost based on which benefit tier the procedure falls into.


Ameritas also covers dependents who may need braces.

Insurance vs indemnity dental

Indemnity plans offer a maximum amount that can be reimbursed.  There is often no network with an indemnity dental plan, therefore, no network discounts may be applied. Both have maximum benefits, with insurance and network discount benefits oftentimes going further with insurance. If a client sees a dentist who is not in-network, then an indemnity plan will mitigate their costs.

Whether individual, family, senior or group options, we have carriers for all your client’s dental needs. Contact our sales team to learn more about dental insurance and which carrier meets your needs.