Find the best asset protection solutions for your clients

Are your clients’ income and assets protected from a medical event? If not, LeClair Group’s Asset Protection team will guide you to the best solutions for your clients.

LTCi and DI can seem daunting if you have not discussed them recently. LeClair Group is your partner for success, leveraging our experience as your dedicated back office experts. Our goal is to make DI and LTCi easy for you and your clients.

Perhaps you are working with LeClair Group’s Medicare, Major Medical, and Group teams every day; consider adding our LTCi and DI teams to your practice. Chris LeClair leads our Asset Protection team. Together, he and his team can provide quotes, deliver training, and consult on best solutions for your clients.

How many clients will need Disability Income protection?

  • 1 in 7 people between ages 35 and 65 will be disabled for five years or longer.
  • Most Americans are better prepared financially to die than to become disabled.
  • Disability Income insurance protects your family until you can again.

Every other client needs financial protection from Long Term Care costs.

  • 50% of Americans will use LTC benefits (AALTCI 2021 care study)
  • 2019 average cost of care nationally
  • Home Care costs: $54,912 per year
  • Skilled Care costs: $105,850 per year (Genworth Cost of Care)

LeClair Group has access to the top carriers to find the DI or LTCi plan that is best suited for your clients. Ask for a quote or reach out to Chris LeClair or his team at or call 651-739-2010 and ask for the Asset Protection Team.