Create an Effective Pipeline to Grow Sales

“Slow work” is the secret to success–it is the grit, consistency and availability of local agents. Slow work is building relationships, growing your reputation and building your business. Agents who consistently do the slow work will see the payoff.

Building your pipeline takes commitment, dependability and focus. Regularly marketing, offering educational seminars and service to your community is the essence of building a pipeline. One round of mailings and marketing will not deliver success–your commitment to a steady process will deliver major growth.

So what are the steps to creating a dynamic pipeline?

  • Data. Everything begins with accurate names, addresses and information. LeClair Group’s DataWidget in the My Advantage Portal provides information on business, home ownership, families, income, age and much more. All your market information is available today in DataWidget. Click here to visit our Data Widget and here for a short webinar on how to use the Data Widget.
  • Logistics and planning. Have you created a network and contacts for seminar venues? What about establishing a routine for mailing prospects every week or reaching out to local community “gatekeepers” who can provide access to your target audiences? It’s important to have a plan on how you’re going to market and implement your growth plan.
  • Marketing. Have you downloaded any of our flyers, birthday cards, seminar invites and newspaper adverts yet? Visit the Shop section of MyAdvantage Portal to view the marketing materials available for your use. Download and add your logo and contact details to make it your own.
  • Presentations and brochures. The key to seminars is practicing your value proposition, this includes your story and why you do what you do. New and returning clients might not remember details from the seminar, but they will remember if they want to work with you.
  • Compliance. If you develop any of your own materials, contact the LeClair Group team if you have any compliance questions. If your materials are educational-only, remember to say so on your materials. Remember you cannot deliver a Medicare Sales meeting without authorization by the appropriate carrier. If you’d like to learn more about compliance, visit our page dedicated to Medicare Marketing Guidelines.
  • Prepare the right materials. Contact sheets, Scope of Appointment and Permission to Contact forms are all important materials to have on-hand when putting on educational seminars. You can share business cards and gather information from attendees, though you must gather the right permissions before you follow up or arrange a Medicare consultation.
  • Keep the conversation going. Follow up with every prospect you meet by sending a thank-you letter or follow up call after every meeting. Repeat your pipeline process every week, month or quarter to maintain your communities awareness of the value to bring.

Building a pipeline is slow work, yet once it starts to roll, there is no stopping the stream of clients it will bring you. Make sure you enjoy keeping your pipeline full–success is fun.

We all get into health insurance for a reason, which we sometimes tend to forget. Remembering and reflecting on your reason every day gives you focus. Be patient, push forward and keep your pipeline full.

Embrace the magic of a full calendar and a ringing phone.