Here for you. Better together.

Our vision is to be the partner of choice in health and life insurance. Recognizing the need for essential partnerships in a crowded marketplace to provide the optimum consumer experience, we strive to be the central business hub igniting the success of insurance agencies.

We align ourselves with strong carrier partners, who are keen on developing quality and affordable insurance products, and with like-minded agencies who are passionate in educating the greater community of the products and resources available. Collectively, we aim to add to a prosperous ecosystem of better living for all Americans.

We are the agent’s agent. We boost the businesses of thousands of health and life insurance agencies nationwide. We do this by building a top team of talent, offering excellence in service and support, relentlessly adapting to our changing landscape, and always searching for better solutions and cutting-edge technology to simplify our business and the business of those we work with.

Core Values

At LeClair Group, we adhere to a set of guiding principles. Our hope is that all employees, partners, agents, clients or anyone else we interact with will understand the following Core Values that guide our decisions as a company and the way we conduct ourselves as individuals.