About LeClair Group

LeClair Group is the people’s company. We lead in health and life insurance brokerage services, employee benefits and consulting services to thousands of organizations and individuals throughout the United States. We are proud of our Minnesota heritage, and our history of over 80 years of operations as a privately owned and independent company in the St. Paul – Twin Cities area.

We are LeClair Group. Our mission – insuring life’s significant events. Our purpose is to make life better for our clients, our associates and our community. This is our passion. Our strategic approach supports this mission by recognizing that developing all of our valuable resources is critical to achieving our business goals. Our company has a personality – a culture – that is unique. Our personality is fresh, vibrant, cooperative, and moreover it sets us apart in a crowded insurance marketplace. We recognize the importance of our customers’ needs while also flexibly responding to change and leading progress in our industry.

We start by knowing our clients

The better we know you, the better we serve you. Plus, we believe that people want to work with people they know.  So while technology is extremely important in today’s business economy, relationships will always matter.  We value the opportunity to form strong relationships with our partners and clients.

We believe in reaching higher 

We believe in reaching higher. As a leading provider of insurance, we continually strive for perfection in everything we do.  This includes providing leading industry research and analysis, clear and efficient processes, leading technology systems, and people that make all the difference.

Doing the right thing defines us 

Our values of honesty and integrity define the choices we make and the recommendations we give.   We always do what’s right and suitable for each client.

Treating everyone with respect guides us

Whether it’s promoting teamwork or encouraging individual ability and creativity, respect for each other is a guiding principal in all our interactions.