Long Term Care Insurance

LeClair Group offers traditional Long Term Care products from the following companies:

Genworth Financial
Mutual of Omaha

Short Term LTC

Long Term Care Insurance Basics

Policies available from LeClair Group include the following features:

  • Home Health Care and Assisted Living fully covered
  • Couples Discounts
  • Shared Policies
  • Home Care Expenses paid without an elimination period
  • Benefits for home modification
  • Bed Reservation Services
  • Inflation adjustments available
  • Care Co-ordination Services
  • Waiver of premium if on claim

LTC planning is best done by clients in their late 40’s, 50’s, and early 60’s who are making a comprehensive financial plan for the future. At that age, their health will be comparatively better than when they are 70 or 75, and their issue-aged premiums will also be much more affordable. A significant price break can be obtained when married couples obtain coverage together. And don’t forget, business owners have special federal tax rules that allow them to buy LTC with pre-tax dollars, and still obtain the benefits on a tax-free basis. These federal rules are less favorable to non-business LeClair Group can help you identify good clients; and then, we can design a plan that delivers the right balance of price sensitivity and quality benefits.

Not sure how to sell smarter? Read the “5 Ways to Kill the LTCI Slump” article by Barbara Stahlecker–it’s a great resource.

Long term care insurance is a leading solution to the problem facing clients who want to plan for the staggering costs of home health care, assisted living facilities, and other custodial care services.

As clients make plans in their middle ages to live a long and prosperous retirement, the need for LTC financing becomes critical.

When and if the insured needs professional care, the family will want to do everything possible to help the insured maintain the highest quality lifestyle.

This is exactly where LTC insurance will be deeply valued. Insurance often allows an older person to remain in their home for many years.

How LeClair Group Can Help

LeClair Group represents companies that have strong balance sheets and top ratings. All our providers have a solid history of paying claims. For example, Genworth was a pioneer in long-term care, issuing their first policy in 1974. Genworth has paid total claims of $5.7 billon to date, on more than 124,000 claims.

First, an underwriting evaluation can be performed with basic data, including height, weight, and a medication list. Second, a quote can be prepared utilizing the underwriting information and incorporating available discounts. Finally, in special situations, LeClair can suggest very useful alternatives when a traditional LTC policy may not be available. Let our sales desk consultants help you today

You can run quotes on our website 24 hours a day if you wish. Our software enables you to adjust the daily benefits, elimination periods, and inflation factors so that the policy will be affordable to your clients.

And once the application comes to us, we work hard with the chosen carrier to obtain a favorable approval and rapid policy issue. Our case managers are attentive to all underwriting requirements.