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Delivering Modern Approaches to Employee Benefits

As health care continues to evolve while costs rise, employers are looking for ways to offer care that is affordable and provides an adequate level of care and accessibility to their […]

Lloyds of London: The Value of a Residual Disability Rider

Contact Dutch Koop on LeClair Group’s Asset Protection team with your questions or to get appointed. Not all disabilities manifest themselves equally. There are tens of thousands of known human diseases and countless […]

Mutual of Omaha: LTCi Application Tips

Contact Dutch Koop on LeClair Group’s Asset Protection team with your questions or to request an appointment. When underwriting your LTCi cases, Mutual of Omaha looks at the total picture, […]

HealthPartners mail order pharmacy update

Contact LaRae Mills or Weston Peterson on LeClair Group’s Medicare team with your questions or to request an appointment. We’ve selected a new mail order pharmacy – WellDyneRx. To continue […]