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Dental is the number one ancillary coverage

Contact with your questions or to request an appointment. It’s no secret that everyone needs dental coverage. Regular oral care is critical to long term health and wellness, not to mention […]

Delta Dental: Caring for your retainer

If you have any questions, contact  Since your retainer goes into your mouth and contacts your teeth and gums, it is exposed to bacteria, plaque and tartar. Cleaning your […]

Delta Dental: Baby bottle tooth decay

If you have any questions, contact  Though they are temporary, baby teeth are very important for the development of adult teeth and can help permanent teeth come in correctly. […]

The IHC Group: How Does Dental Insurance Work?

Contact LaRae Mills or Weston Peterson on LeClair Gorup’s Health team with your questions. You can also submit the online appointment request form. How does dental insurance work? Just like […]